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Here is what our clients had to say about the service ...

"Smoking Matters was the missing link for me. I’d tried everything to quit in the past but never at any time just spoke to someone about how I felt about trying to stop. They understood and never forced me to do anything. I couldn’t have done it without them."

"I quit with Smoking Matters. I saw someone for several weeks and just kept moving forward with them helping me to keep my focus. Even when I wavered they were there for me. They never told me off or looked down on me- they were just brilliant. Anyone wanting to stop should go straight to them. They care and they know how to help"

"The staff were just brilliant. Supportive and easy to talk to. I began to really understand why I was smoking and then believe that I really could stop and I did. Two years now as a non-smoker. And it didn’t cost me anything!"

"I had tried 3 times before to stop smoking. I don’t think I knew enough about patches and stuff to help me. The advisor helped me find the right thing to help with my cravings and just chatting to them made me feel determined I could do it. I did and I have never felt better."

"I didn’t think anybody could help me. I have no will power. I expected a big lecture but that’s not what I got. I got the help I needed and a good laugh. The advisor was just a normal bloke. I could really talk to him. I’ve told loads of folk about the service."

"What can I say? Thank you. I managed to stop and have stayed stopped. I think about having a fag from time to time but I would never go back. It’s not worth it. I’ve got more money and I did up my house. I had tried before on my own but I always started again."

Smoking Matters, Direction
"They understood and never
forced me to do anything"

"What can I say? Thank you"

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